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Central/Mother Lode Regional Consortium

Regional Consortium

Who We Are & Mission

The Central/Mother Lode Regional Consortium (CRC) is a collaboration of 15 community college faculty and staff and regional workforce and economic development organizations that serve the Central and Mother Lode region on behalf of the CCCCO and the DWM for Jobs and the Economy Initiative. We support regional economic growth by facilitating development and growth of college training and educational programs to meet the needs of regional businesses and industries.

Our governing body is our Steering Committee comprised of a CTE Dean appointed by their respective college president. We work with the region’s seven Deputy Sector Navigators to convene advisory groups in each of the region’s primary industry sectors; provides outreach and partnership support to the community colleges; facilitates the endorsement of new credit Career Technical Education programs; and serves as a connection between two- and four-year, local colleges, industry, Adult Education, K-12 and Workforce Development Boards.

Framework/Strong Workforce Program Goals

– Facilitating efforts to help close the skills gap, responding to labor market demands and strengthen CTE by INCREASING the amount of CTE instruction offered; IMPROVING CTE outcomes; ALIGNING sector strategies, career pathways, regional partnerships and workforce development systems; and closing the EQUITY gaps in program access, completion, and earnings of underserved demographic populations.

The CRC has three priority sectors (Manufacturing, Health & Ag, Water & the Environment) and four Emerging sectors (Global Trade, ICT/Digital Media, Retail/Hospitality/Tourism, and small business) and three Technical Assistance providers –COE (labor market data/industry research), K-12 Pathways/SB1070 and Prop 39 (housed at host colleges, but are charged with serving the entire region).

How We Connect

( Mission ) On behalf of CCCCO, DWM & SWP, the CRC facilitates and supports regional initiatives for its member colleges and stakeholders. Through professional development, curriculum development, and collaborative communication and implementation, we collectively provide education and training to create a highly skilled workforce.

In alignment with the Strong Workforce Task Force Recommendations, the CRC enhances workforce development in industry sectors by facilitating regional discussions and providing leadership and including efforts with K-12 and postsecondary collaborative efforts, adult education, career and college readiness for both two-and four-year institution, career counseling, job placement and supportive services.

Why Work Regionally?

.... to impact Students & Economies through Innovation & Ingenuity!
  • Economies of Scale –
    • Curriculum and Professional Development
    • Centralized Facilities/Volume Purchasing
    • Marketing and Branding
      • Regional Services
      • Labor Market Information
      • Assistance with new program development
    • Engagement with Regional Scale Organizations -
      • Regional industry college partnerships/advisory committees
      • Partnerships with regional organizations
    • Communities of Practice
      • Facilitating connections between CTE faculty, dissemination of best practices
    • Increasing Depth/Breadth of Offerings to Students
      • Coordinated regional approach to offering advanced programs
  • Contact Information:
    Janice Offenbach
    Interim Regional Chair, Central/Mother-Lode Regional Consortium
    1171 Fulton Street, 4th Floor
    Fresno, CA 93721
    (559) 243-7291