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Online Safety Training

Health and Safety Training

State Center Community College District’s policy requires that all employees shall be trained to protect themselves from hazards in their working and educational environments. All employees will be trained in:

  • General health and safety practices
  • Task-specific health and safety practices and hazards
  • Recognition and assessment of health and safety risks
  • Minimization of risks through sound safety practices and use of protective equipment
  • Regulations and statutes applicable to their activity, and
  • State Center Community College District’s health and safety policies

Safety training comes in many forms and may consist of web-based training, formal and informal safety meeting and discussions, as well as safety bulletins, videos, pamphlets, and postings. All new employees will complete a certain number of web-based training modules upon their appointment through the District’s eLearning portal. Depending on an employee’s job classification and work duties, employees will be assigned training courses, including:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention
  • Hazard Communication (Right to know)
  • Chemical Hygiene
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Utility Cart Safety
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Making the Right Move (safe lifting and moving practices)